Friday, November 5, 2010

Beyond Scrambled

This morning I decided to tackle my fear of eggs not scrambled. I have pondering this challenge for far too long, and I don't even like scrambled eggs that much.

After weeks of secret research and asking friends if an egg not scrambled was actually good, I chose this recipe from Alton Brown. In the process I also learned that "over easy," "sunny side up," and "fried eggs" were not the same thing.

So I intended to make an egg "over easy," but as the egg yolk spread across the pan I knew this may turn out to be a hybrid egg.

Alton said, "If the yolks do break, act like you meant them to, fry for another minute and serve. They'll still taste great." And they sure did, especially atop one of my free Parmesan Pepper birthday bagels from Zingerman's!

Is there any food you are afraid to make?

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