Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fall Flavored Iced Coffee

As the east coast gets a generous dusting of snow and here in the Mitten I'm averaging two long sleeves shirts several hours a day, today is probably one of the last socially acceptable days to post about iced coffee. Just in time for cold temperatures, I may have found the best method for making iced coffee at home (well, the New York Times found it and shared).

Mix a 1 1/2 cups of water with 1/3 of a cup of coffee grounds. Stir together grounds and water, and let them sit together at room temperature for 12 hours or overnight. After sitting, pour the mixture through a coffee filter, fine mesh strainer, etc. You will be left with a coffee concentrate. To enjoy as iced coffee, use a 1:1 ratio of coffee concentrate:water (obviously adding ice, milk as desired). This recipe should make two large glasses of iced coffee.

Look Mom, no condensation! Special thanks to Tervis and Foodbuzz for the opportunity to try out their tumblers. 

Perhaps, equally as exciting as the new iced coffee method was the coffee grounds I used. I received two pounds of flavored coffee - Caramel Pecan Bark and Pumpkin Spice - from Godiva as part of the Foodbuzz Tastemakers Program. I don't buy flavored coffee often but I liked the subtle flavors in these coffees when hot, nothing too overwhelming. When I prepared the Caramel Pecan Bark as iced coffee the caramel flavor stood out much more which was a pleasant surprise, very smooth. Side note, these coffees both get an A+ for smell. I noticed Godiva has a $2 off coupon for coffee on their website as well for all you clippers.

I think I've found my cool weather coffee experiment - Cappuccino in a French Press!

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Butternut Squash & Cranberry Maple Millet

I've had the recipe for Butternut Squash & Cranberry Maple Millet on my brain ever since I saw it on Daily Garnish last Friday.

Last night when I should have been writing a paper for Urban Planning and figuring out my vermicompost research project, I was cooking instead. Getting that recipe off my mind. I did the other stuff eventually too. Sort of. But if not last night, when? I'll be writing papers the rest of the week, and before you know it will be time to go home for Fall Break. Plus, now I have leftovers.

The recipe couldn't be easier. Roast butternut squash, cook millet, make dressing and stir together. Maple, squash, and cranberries - tastes like fall.

Saturday, October 8, 2011


Stuff gets done when you drink cold brewed coffee. Grounds in water for 24 hours, buddy!

After two trips to the bank (I forgot my debit card the first time), I had my sights set on one thing when I arrived at the Farmer's Market this morning - coffee. It was found in the form of RoosRoast and listed on the menu as ice bomb, or ice monster, err something like that. After all, it was upwards of 70 degrees here today. Later finds at the market included: radishes, butternut squash, brussel sprouts, apples, tarragon encrusted goat cheese and a mini pumpkin pie. Market eats after the coffee jitters set in: pork tamale and curtido salad (don't worry I had to Google it too) from Pilar's Tamale Cart.

Attempting to do my Spanish workbook proved difficult for the next few hours, as my hands jittered away. I sent a lot of texts quickly in those few hours. I settled for some computer work instead, applying for graduation and finishing up a form I have been putting off for my major. The coffee convulsions continued and I decided to try and run it out. That's something that wears me out quickly. :)

I ended my run at the food co-op to grab a lemon for the spinach pesto I was planning to make. I'm sure the sweat running down my head as I cooled off in the store was really attractive.

Eventually I made this spinach pesto, however using a food processor. It was later enjoyed atop a half of yesterday's lentil burgers (only seven more left to eat!) with goat cheese. The other lentil burger half was topped with goat cheese and American Spoon Tomato Relish (buy this!). Both were winning combos. 

P.S. That pumpkin pie? It no longer exists.