Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mini T-Giving

It's not quite Thanksgiving but I am already enjoying LEFTOVERS of cornbread stuffing and turkey. Last night, my roommates and a few friends celebrated Thanksgiving. It.was.delicious. Turkey, stuffing, sweet potato casserole, mac n' cheese, pesto pasta, mashed potatoes, gravy, salad, etc.

I was in charge of turkey and stuffing. I was really nervous about the turkey, I never made one alone and have an irrational fear of large amounts of raw meat. However, the turkey turned out great! Mrs. Morel gave me an excellent Crock-Pot turkey recipe that I will definitely be using again: Turkey Breast (or partial turkey in my case) + one can of cranberry sauce + one package of Lipton dry onion soup mix.

I put the turkey in at 10:30 AM on "High," I turned it down to "Low" around 7:30 PM and I was enjoyed around 9:00 PM.

For the stuffing, I loosely followed this recipe from the NY Times. Additions to the recipe included a small box of chopped white mushrooms, sauteed with the onions, and about a cup of dried cranberries re-hydrated in hot water and then added to the mixture before it went into the oven. I also substituted chicken stock for milk. I was pleased with the end result (in fact I will be making again on Thursday) although it was much more crumbly than I expected.

What are your favorite Thanksgiving dishes?

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