Sunday, December 5, 2010

Holiday Hustle and New Food Obsessions

It was another fun-filled sister weekend. Molly came for a visit and we enjoyed good food, coffee and grocery store adventures. She also drove me to Dexter to run in the Holiday Hustle sponsored by Running Fit. I just completed the Running 101 class at Running Fit, it was a great motivator and I really enjoyed having a small group to run with.

It was so nice and sisterly of Molly to stand out in the freezing cold weather with me pre-race and while I was running - at which point she got a free coffee thermos, hot chocolate and pictures of ice sculptures. I think we are even now.

This was my third 5K this year. I finished in 34:07, about two minutes faster than my last, and about four minutes faster than my first race. I was hoping to do a little bit better; but considering I had the flu last week and have had a sore throat ever since getting over the flu - I am pretty proud of myself! I think I am ready to tackle some longer distances. . .

Following the race we headed straight for the Whole Foods hot bar - my newest obsession! I can always count on there being some fabulous BBQ pulled pork (something even this mostly-veg-girl can't resist) and at least one sweet potato dish. We shopped around Whole Foods, ooo-ing and ahh-ing, and then headed to the slightly more affordable Trader Joe's for dessert.

TJ's lead me to my second newest food obsession - Joe Joe's, TJ's version of Oreos with all natural ingredients and vanilla beans in the filling! Yum!

Hope you had a great weekend! Any new foods in your life?

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