Sunday, May 8, 2011

Eastern Market: Trip 2 of Many

Happy Saturday! I don't know about where you are, but the weather here is taking a turn for the better. I even got a little sunburn today at the market. :(

When I say "the market," I mean Eastern Market in Detroit. It is a huge market in existence since 1891 and includes some permanent vendors. Today was my second ever trip, and it was much better than my last off-season visit. Tons of flowers, plants for your garden, produce, baked goods, coffee and everything in between.

I left the market with: MI carrots and apples, honey-almond goat cheese, Parmesan, bread sticks, salad greens (grown in Detroit) and rosemary. I also had some coffee from Urban Grounds and pierogi from Peoples Pierogi Collective that were enjoyed at the market.

From top to bottom: blueberry, mushroom, mushroom pierogi's + sauerkraut.
The trip to the market was a great way to wrap up a busy first week in Detroit. From unpacking, attending program orientation, starting new classes and internships to meeting new friendly faces; life has been both crazy and exciting. I feel like have been able to both appreciate some of the City's gems (I'm talking to you Slow's To Go, Goodwell's and Cass Cafe) and in a very small way, scratch the surface at understanding some of it's challenges (where do I get groceries in the City? And yes, it is possible contrary to popular belief. Although, more difficult in some areas). I am excited to learn as much as I can about the city in the next few months.

Next up, Safari Supper.

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