Monday, May 23, 2011

Safari Supper: Round Two

Last night, was our second Safari Supper. My room had appetizers. I was a little nervous we were going to run into to problems when my roommate and I didn't get back from the movie theater (Bridesmaids, go see it) and grocery until a half hour before our start time. We agreed to "Top Chef" it (or work really fast). Luckily everyone else was running behind too and it all worked out. In fact, we agreed this dinner was even better than our last.

For appetizers we used this recipe for French Fries with Three Dips from Epicurious, except we only made two dips. I'm ashamed to say I have never used the method of boiling and then baking potatoes described in the recipe to make the french fries, but I vow to from this point forward. The dips were the real stars of the show. We made the curry ketchup and rosemary mayo. I loved the curry ketchup, I'll definitely be making it again.

We also cut up a loaf of Italian bread and served it with a selection of tasty jams and EVOO w/ dill and chives. 

The entree was mac n' cheese, fried chicken and green beans prepared by the boys room. Everything was so good. For dessert we have frozen kiwi pops covered in chocolate served by the 8th floor girls, so delicious and light.

Next time we will be serving dessert, any suggestions?

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  1. I want to go on safari dinner at your place! Everything looks delicious!