Thursday, September 9, 2010

First Blog Post Ever!

Hello, and welcome to my blog! As a reader of many blogs (mainly, OK only, food blogs) I am excited to begin chronicling my journey towards a healthy balance, as well as my other adventures in the great Mitten and beyond! So lets get to it. . .

I am already enjoying the benefits of being at a large university. Last night, I attended a event hosted by the College Democrats intended to get students and community members excited about the 2010 elections. Speakers at the event were Gov. Howard Dean and Congressmen John Dingell, Mark Schauer, and Gary Peters. Regardless of political preference it is always interesting to hear what your Congressmen (and women) have to say because after all they are your voice in Washington DC.

I particularly enjoyed hearing John Dingell speak. Congressman Dingell has been representing Michigan's 15th District since 1955 and is currently the longest standing member in the House of Representatives. As you can imagine he has helped many pieces of legislation pass over the years include Medicare and the Clean Air Act. It was truly an honor to hear him speak and one of the many opportunities I will enjoy at my new school.

So that was yesterday! Now on to today, which almost seems comical compared to yesterdays excitement. I had two classes today, both of which went well! During my last class my stomach was screaming at me, I headed straight back to my room to eat lunch, read blogs in my Google Reader, and watch last nights episode of Top Chef. And so I leave you with lunch (and since I don't know how to use Blogger lunch is sideways)! I hope everyone is having a great day!

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