Monday, October 25, 2010


It's been almost two weeks since I flew down to Houston to visit my sister Meredith, brother-in-law David, adorable nephew Xavy, and BFF Caroline. I had a wonderful visit and it was nice to take a quick break from school before things got too crazy (and believe me, they did).

Friday night Caroline picked me up from the Airport. It was about 11:00 PM Mitten time, but somehow I caught a second wind and Caroline and I stayed up chatting per usual over Chocolate Espresso Cupcakes.

Saturday morning we visited the Farmers Market near Caroline's apartment and then went in search of Kolaches. Kolaches are a delicious European pastry popular in many cities across the U.S. including Houston where their annual Kolache Fests occur in March and May.

Next up was Central Market (H-E-B's version of Whole Foods?).

Our purpose in being there was obviously for their annual Hail to the Cheese event. We tried several great cheeses but our favorite was the Vermont Cheddar atop a rice cracker with Pumpkin Butter. OH-MY-CHEESE! What an amazing combination - which I now have all the ingredients to replicate. . .

Following the cheese, coffee, salsa, and fruit samples we shopped around for a bit and then headed out to my sister Meredith's house - where lots of fun, munching, baby kisses and snuggles, and shenanigans took place including. . .

My first cup o' pure espresso.

A quick day trip to Katy, TX for the 1/3 Terra Cotta Warriors exhibit.

Turtle Soup. Not really, just a plethora of turtles in Katy, TX.

Mediterranean Dinner Night with help from Phoenicia.

And more snuggling!

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