Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dequindre Cut

I feel like I am always saying I have a new favorite place, food, etc. Whatever, I like a lot of stuff - ok?

Anyways my latest favorite place in Detroit is the Dequindre Cut, a walker/runner/biker friendly trail that runs from the area near Eastern Market to the riverfront in Detroit. A former railroad line, the path is currently only 1.35 miles but there are plans for minor expansion. Nevertheless it is completely awesome. On Tuesday night my trusty bike riding buddy B-Rad, my roommate Maureen and I rode about twelve minutes over to the path and hopped on the "on-ramp" to the path towards the riverfront (Detroit's riverfront is an equally gorgeous and vibrant area to bike, walk, run and relax). We snapped some photos and then extended our bike ride through downtown and arrived back at our apartment two hours later. Here are a few photos from our ride:

The entrance to the path near Eastern Market. 
We're nearing the riverfront. 
Riverfront. Maureen and B-Rad. Maureen picked up some mad bike skills on Mackinaw Island - no hands.  

Mid-ride snack break. Black Cherry ice cream at Mootown Creamery in Eastern Market district.

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