Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Safari Supper Three (and a few thoughts on Protein)

Last night was our third progressive dinner in Detroit (and good news, I think we are having one more). The fourth floor boys kicked off dinner with venison sausage/cheese/cracker plate, guacamole and chips, and bacon wrapped water chestnuts. Everything was great - I don't have a favorite, they were all my favorite.

Special thanks to Tyler for sacrificing the deer. 

The eighth floor girls made tandoori chicken, rice and a tasty lentil salad. I loved the flavor of the chicken and the lentil salad and rice were both light but delicious.

Finally, down on the sixth floor we made strawberry shortcakes and served with vanilla ice cream. I used this Bisquick recipe to make the shortcakes and one of my other roommates cooked down the strawberries with sugar and honey. This dessert made me super excited for Michigan strawberries. I really want go pick strawberries soon and make lots of jams, but I think I will have to wait until my Detroit program is over to do this.

Thoughts on Protein

On to protein. My first month in Detroit I ate almost no meat, which is a good thing but I wasn't being smart about it like I have in the past when I cut down significantly on my meat consumption. I wasn't consciously incorporating vegetarian protein sources into my diet and a few results of this seem to be loss of muscle mass as well as eating more fatty foods. Last week one of my coworkers brought up something similar when she said she needed to start eating more protein because she noticed when she was running her lungs could go for a long time but not her legs. I felt the exact same way yesterday when I was running. 

Nonetheless, I will still continue to eat small amounts of meat but there are a lot of things I hate about the meat industry so I really need to focus on where my meat is coming from. Most importantly though I need to start eating more balanced meals that include protein. I am still hoping to run a half marathon this year and need to prep my body to start formally training in a month and half or so.

If you suffered through those last two paragraphs of rambling - thanks! It was probably much more helpful for me than for you.

Hope your having a good week!


  1. mmmm....we definitely need to do this next year...no excuses!

  2. beer and chicken. what's life without them?

  3. No wonder you're interested in our experiment! :)
    I really think that if we can cut down on meat and make it a special thing (and get it from really good sources), I'll be a happier (and healthier) camper.
    Have you had quinoa - super easy and a great source of protein.

  4. Yes! I agree on the meat! I've made quinoa a handful of times, but haven't found a recipe I'm dying to make again - must keep searching.

  5. I have great quinoa recipe for you. I want venison sausage and cheese platter, please!