Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back-2-School (WHAT!?) Potluck

Last night Molly and I hosted a potluck for several of our friends to celebrate the summer and hang out one more time before its back to school. Molly (my little sister) leaves for school this week, but I still have a few more weeks (this is totally fine with me, I could use another a month).

We had a great evening! It is nice that as we have gotten older, we share friends - much more fun and efficient. :)

I am the fairest of them all, yikes. 
My contribution to dinner were the kabobs. Yummy Honey Chicken Kabobs from All Recipes, to be exact. I always find the comments on All Recipes to be helpful. With a commenter's advice I added pineapple to the skewers and remembered to soak the skewers in water for a few hours prior to grill time. However in true Madeline-cooking-fashion, improvisation was necessary and "grilling time" turned into broiler time. No.Propane. Next time your grill runs out of propane, charcoal, etc., broil your skewers for five minutes on each side. 

The other great items on the plate were: caesar salad, balsamic quinoa salad with cranberries, feta, and cucumbers and taco dip. Not pictured: goat cheese and whole wheat Carr's crackers. 

And for dessert, an always popular crowd pleaser: brownies (made with applesauce instead of oil). Yum!

More end of summer celebrations to come!

P.S. The coriander seed has been dried and plucked from it's stems. It didn't quite fall off like it was supposed to but came off quite easily. Now, what to make with it?


  1. Wait - aren't you guys just my baby freshmen and sophs still??????

  2. No, :(, we're your college freshman, sophomores + seniors (YIKES!).

  3. Is it too late to answer your coriander question? In our house, it's a key ingredient in gin, but that requires a big up-front investment in start-up equipment. We also add it to all of our pickles - mostly dill pickles and dilly beans.

  4. Definitely not too late, I will have to go for the pickles. . .I don't think gin is in my college student budget. ;)