Saturday, February 26, 2011


Tonight I am packing up to head to Baltimore for Spring Break. I am going as part of an alternative spring break program, so I will be doing a few different service projects throughout the week with eleven other students. I am very excited about this experience, everyone I know who has participated in an ASB trip has loved it. Plus, it's a great addition to my try everything once thing I'm doing this year. ;)

My sister Lindsay lived in Baltimore for bit - very cool city. Here are a few pictures from my first trip to Balti:

Blurry, but it still happened. I still regret not peeking in the mail slot. 
Inner Harbor Baltimore before my Urban Planning "job shadow."
Elvis Pancake @ Golden West Cafe in Hampden. Bacon+PB/Syrup+Bananas.
Ahh, well that was a nice jot down memory lane. Back to packing, we are leaving bright and early in the AM (actually it might not even be bright then). No worries, I've done the important things already: packed the snacks (thanks Morel's) and tried to save the food I'm leaving behind.

Spinach to the freezer. Carrots to the car.
Hope everyone has a great week!

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