Monday, February 21, 2011

February Dayz

Michigan is a great place to live, but when February comes around and you go from this. . .

. . .to this. . .

. . .AND then back again in a matter of days - frustration and sinus pressure sets in.

An impromptu roommate dinner (organized completely on Facebook) seemed like the perfect way to celebrate the freshly fallen snow (see above). I offered to make a tried and true recipe from Gourmet - Spiced Beef Corn Bread Cobbler. Tonight's version was a little light on spice, I went sans measuring spoon; and heavy on the cornbread. I have always used Jiffy cornbread mix instead of mixing my own when making this. Tonight the ratio was 2:1, box of mix to pound of ground beef - but I think the better ratio is actually closer to 1.5:1.

Here are a few photos from our mini-dinner party this weekend, complete with appetizers (Sweet and Spicy Doritos), Salad Bar, BREAD, and desserts sponsored by V, P & M (not pictured). 

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