Thursday, February 3, 2011


It's back! I am once again moving Beyond Scrambled and eating some sort of egg (fried?). It's my new favorite Tuesday/Thursday breakfast - although I have to say it's not very photogenic (especially with it's friend, Pear-On-His-Last-Leg). 

Speaking of Tuesday/Thursday - such a love-hate relationship. I love getting almost all of my classes out of the way in one day, but hate sitting in class hungry or eating the same granola bar day after day. Plus I like to run right after class, and I prefer to be neither full nor starving for that. I'm packin' a snack today in an effort to curb the hate and go back to loving the T/Th. 

Half Marathon Training Update
Training is moving right along. I switched training plans last week to a Hal Higdon plan that seemed like it would fit my schedule a little better. I am a little apprehensive about veering too far away from a training plan at this point since I don't really know what to expect running longer distances - but sometimes it is unavoidable and Hal seems to get it. 

Sidenote to Mother Nature: No more Snowpocalypse episodes please, I am getting really tired of the treadmill. 

P.S. Check out Helen's new blog: The Bells Are Ringing!

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  1. I have a 100% hate relationship with Thursdays. And always will. At least until May 1.