Sunday, March 13, 2011


I ate one of the most ridiculous (ridiculous in a you-can-actually-eat-this-as-a-meal way?) things in my life for lunch yesterday. Delicious, but ridiculous. Feast your eyes upon on the Memphis Macaroni. . .

From the Zingerman's Roadhouse Menu: "Alex's Red Rage BBQ sauce, applewood smoked bacon, Cornman Farms pulled pork, New Mexico green chiles and fresh cilantro caramelized with Martelli pasta." So yummy, but I will definitely have to split this with three friends if I get it again.

My mom and our friend Angela came to Ann Arbor for a fun visit. We gave Angela an abbreviated tour of Ann Arbor, hitting many great spots including: Kerrytown & the Farmer's Market, Main Street, UMich Campus (Law Quad, the Diag, Amer's in the Union), a drive by tour of the Sigma Kappa house (for Angela, :D) Trader Joe's and the Zingerman's Bakehouse and Roadhouse (obviously). Then I headed back with them to borrow a car from home for a few days and do some laundry for free. However upon arriving home to see my ZipCar info had arrived in the mail, I decided it was no longer necessary to take a car and took the train back to Ann Arbor at 10 PM.

Then before I knew it was time to "spring forward" to work at 6:45 AM this morning! Overnight oatmeal was somehow assembled last night (this morning), and I grabbed some Maple Almond Butter from the cupboard that I got on sale last week. I've seen this AB on other blogs before, but it is definitely a must try.

I hope your Sunday is treating you well! Watch for a Baltimore Recap Post coming very soon.


  1. Where did you get a banana??? I still can't believe there weren't ANY in the entire Meijer when we went last weekend :(

  2. mm what are we eating tonight?!

  3. CMo: @ Work! :D
    Abby: Where ever you want to!