Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Soup Matrix

Did anyone see the soup matrix that was in Mark Bittman's new NYTimes column a few weeks ago? Amazing. Can I get it in poster size for my future kitchen?

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I made the Minestrone (first soup on the top left). Souper (haha) simple recipe, and pretty good considering how quick you can put it together - chop up onion, garlic, carrot, and celery. Saute. Add s+p and potatoes, I used sweet potatoes. Saute. Add water, tomatoes. Simmer. Add green beans. Simmer and serve. I used canned tomatoes and green beans - I'm sure this would be fabulous with fresh tomatoes and green beans though.

My soup was enjoyed alongside some peppery goat cheese and an olive bread stick I bought at the Farmer's Market this morning.

Between the Farmer's Market and soup-makin' I went to the mall to find a dress for a very special wedding party I am going to in a two weeks. I went to Banana Republic and fell in love with two dresses right away (that never happens). Being my Father's daughter, I chose the on-sale option but I will definitely be stalking the sale page online for the other. 

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I chose the black dress, and bought a silver belt at another store to go with it. Also while in Banana I realized I need a fitted blazer. I tried on a blazer with the grey dress and it was love. Bonus Banana Moment: Ran in to my older sister's friend, Tim AND met Alex!

P.S. Still haven't forgotten about the Baltimore Recap. I really will do it this week!


  1. both dresses are adorable - and the soup looks ammmmmazing!

  2. The dresses are SO cute! Will need to see at least the black one in person soon! :)

  3. Thanks for sharing that article. I liked it and would also buy that poster. :)

    Minestrone is my refrigerator cleaner soup. I always start with the mirapoix and garlic and then the only rule is 6 or so cups of veggies. My favorites are turnips, cabbage, broccoli (great way to use the stems.) After that I add beans (black usually) and some kinda bit size pasta.

    I also use a veggie broth to start out.

    I've found that using yams or sweet potatoes makes it a bit too sweet, how was yours?

    Soup is fun. I still make your mom's garbage soup once and a great while.

    BTW, beautiful work chopping the veggies!


  4. I liked the sweet potatoes but they definitely need more tomato or something else to balance them, and I agree on the veggie broth. MB didn't call for it but it would be exponentially better with it. I will definitely try your method next time - pasta, cabbage, and black beans are all favs of mine!

    . . .and garbage soup, classic. I should make that and post it soon!

    Thanks for the great comment!

  5. I like that poster, too!
    And since minestrone doesn't fall into the squash puree category, I may have success with it, if I try it. I have so much stock in the freezer that I need to do SOMETHING with (although I really want to use my duck stock more than anything)

  6. It actually isn't a poster just an image from the column - but it should be!

  7. GARBAGE SOUP! DO IT! No one in A2 believes me that that's what it's called... :(

  8. Super excited for that special wedding party! :)