Sunday, April 24, 2011

Another One Bites the Dust

And just like that, another year of college done. I can't believe that I can graduate college a year from now (although, I'd love to stretch it into three semesters - what do you say, Dad?). I am sure that it has something to do with me transferring to U of M after a brief stint at another college and three semesters of community college - but didn't I just start college yesterday?

In celebration of this momentous occasion (and my empty refrigerator), I enjoyed a few delicious meals out this weekend. On Friday night my roommates, little sister and I went to Sabor Latino for some delicious Latin fare. I had the Mexican Combo with a spicy pork tamal, chorizo taco, and enchilada with veggies. . .and lots of chips, salsa and queso dip. All in all, a pretty delicious dinner. I think I will add Taco Tuesday and Margarita Monday at Sabor to my senior year bucket list.

Yesterday - the most beautiful day this spring to date - started with my very last yogurt and some Kashi Toasted Berry Crumble GoLean Crunch. Then I was supposed to be packing but I HAD to be outside. So little sister and I went to Zingerman's for coffee and then walked around for forty five minutes or so. Once we got back and I packed my kitchen stuff, we ordered lunch from Jerusalem Garden with friends Jenna and Abby. I ordered the Stuffed Grape Leaves plate, yummmm. I'm not sure what was better- the food or eating outside. Jerusalem Garden is going on the bucket list too (because I should have gone more than once this year).

And despite being stuffed like my grape leaves, I found enough room for some Whole Foods hot bar last night with Caroline. No picture. Spinach salad and dollops of pulled pork and mac n' cheese were munched on.

P.S. BREAKING NEWS: As this post was being typed I received a text message at work from Caroline: "What do you want from Starbucks?" She must have seen my early morning Facebook post "there is no place to get an iced latte on State St. at 6:40am." So excited, my first latte since March 8th.

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