Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Weekend in the D of C

What a great weekend in DC. Good food, even better friends & family. 

Thursday we spent most of the day in the car, after a stop to Trader Joe's for car snacks. Friday morning brought a quick trip to the mall for wedding attire, and then lunch at 2Amy's. I had the Margherita, Dad had the Norcia, and Molly had the Etna pizza (she picked off all of the olives -  I ate them for her). 

Friday evening was wedding time. My oldest sister (I am one of five girls), Lindsay, was married. After a small but lovely fireside wedding the two fam's headed to dinner. We went to Mixtec where my sister and the world's most adorable chef, Pepe, planned a delicious family style meal. I'm not going to try and act like I know the proper names of what we ate, so here is how I saw it: guacamole, nachos (I was full after that), chicken, red snapper, beef, rice and beans. For dessert a pound cake-ish cake with a strawberry-tequila syrup poured over the top. 

Saturday morning my newly married sister, little sister and Mom went to Teaism for breakfast. I arrived just in time to eat from everyone else's breakfasts - I was being a little indecisive when they left, so many options of fun things to do. This trip was perfect because a fellow blogger/former teacher recommended Teaism's Salty Oat cookies. What a great dessert breakfast, I shared a regular and chocolate cookie with my sisters and mom. 

Saturday night was the real wedding party (as if Friday nights celebration dinner wasn't enough). The party was held at The Saloon on U Street. It's a really unique place. The owner closes up for a month every year to build schools in countries that really need them. The dinner was great especially mac n' cheese. More importantly, it was a great celebration and I am so glad I could be a part of it!

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