Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Now this is a Scone.

Named "The Best Scone I Have Ever Had" by Cathy (Mom). 

It must have been the butter. . .or the shortening. . .or maybe it was the Half n' Half. 

I wanted to make scones this morning because my friend Jen was coming over for coffee. Jen and I used to be loyal patrons of just about every downtown Battle Creek coffee shop after our four day a week 7:15 AM Calculus class. Now we just get together for coffee whenever we can sans Calculus, which is a lot more fun. 

With less than a hour before Jen arrived I browsed Food Network for a five star "Easy" recipe. I found this recipe from Alton Brown, and it was great. My only modifications were using half n' half instead of cream and I added dried cherries and a handful of chocolate chips. Not the best idea for breakfast every morning, but a great brunch or breakfast treat for special occasions. 

P.S. Back 2 School tomorrow. :(


  1. Yum! Are you bringing the extras?

  2. Extras are pretty sparse and I think C&C may enjoy for Bfast tomorrow, maybe I will make more - but I am definitely bringing the recipe! :D